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Is Social Media helpful for my business?

Do my potential consumers follow me?

How do I manage my accounts as a super busy business owner?

I go on social media sometimes but I really don’t understand how to market my business on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

…does that sound like you?

content marketing for a small business

No worries, you’re in good company. I’ve spent the last few years researching how to successfully market and manage social media profiles for beauty, wellness, therapy, fitness, food, and psychology related businesses.

(If your business doesn’t fit in these categories it’s okay. It’ll just take additional research)

What Industries Have I Worked With?

• Skin and hair are

• Hair Care

• Plastic Surgeons

•Auto Dealerships

• Travel agents


  • View social media management profiles for my client’s Facebook and Instagram
  • View my writing portfolio here for business content. Wellness/lifestyle content is available right here
  • Wanna see my web copy? Just go here and here.
  • Ghostwritten content is written across various industries. Health, wellness, mental health, advice, marketing, and entertainment. You won’t see my name but I crafted the words 🙂
  • Previous brands include Hedge Apple, Express Writers, The Richest, and OutReach Mama

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