In Need of Content Marketing?

I Help Health & Wellness Businesses and Companies Scale Their Consumers to Attract More Business..

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Available Services:

• Social Media Management and Branding

-logo design

-website creation

• Email/Newsletter Management

• Blog Articles

• Editing, Updating and Incorporating SEO Keywords

• B2C and B2B content


Who can benefit from this? Wellness and healthcare companies, life coaches, therapists, and fitness trainers. I write for anyone within the health/wellness/beauty industries.

Do you live, eat and breathe words such as SEO, B2B and Content Creation? Are you looking for a better way to connect with your customers or viewers?

Your business will need an experienced copywriter to create content targeted to your customers, clients, and patients. I know how to take in your brand voice while optimizing your content to bring in more sales and leads.

Do you need well written, engaging unique content for your blog or business?

Looking for a talented writer to tighten up your marketing ideas?

Looking for lifestyle and wellness tips?

Need an article done for researching within the topics of wellness, health, holistic health, psychology, mental health, parenting, and natural remedies?

Contact me to find out how I can make your blog come alive through search engine optimization (SEO), business to business marketing (B2B), and copywriting! I’d love to be able to service you with your content needs. Just send me an email for inquiries.


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