Strategic, Brand Consistent, Social Media Management for platforms of your choosing (not including YouTube)

Instagram Management starting from $680/month

  • daily posts
  • content creation and curation
  • interaction and engagement to increase your following
  • branded content and copywriting
  • comes with 1 bio optimization
  • hashtag research for new leads
  • location tagging and sharing
  • community management

Facebook Management starting from $640/month

  • group engagement for 2 groups of your choosing
  • daily posts
  • content creation + branded graphics
  • community outreach and customer service
  • copywriting and captions
  • strategic content planning for new leads

Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are available as well at a higher rate. $750 per month. These social media sites require more attention, targeted posts and interactions. *Additional market research is often required to convert your audience to paying customers*

Web Content Services + Copywriting

One-off projects are the default but if you would like blog content or other SEO updates contact me.

From $900 Web content including 4 pages (Home, About/Our Story, Products/Services, Contact etc… (does not include web design only copywriting) *$279 per page

  • copywriting for your specific industry
  • basic SEO
  • target market research and branded words to compel your audience to shop now
  • emotion invoking CTA (call to actions)
  • product and service links to make buying quick and easy

Other Services:

Blogs starting from $150 (depending on the industry and number of words)

5 Email sequence: $500 per month (alluring sales copy to get your audience to shop now!)

Press Release from $199

1:1 Consultation $250 per month (45 minute Social Media Marketing Strategy up to 3 platforms)

Let’s talk about those social channels. Choose any three social sites and we’ll hop on a call and discuss how you can stay consistent, bring in new leads and close deals on each platform. Get the inside scoop into how I bring in leads for my clients.

Instagram training (one off project) two 60 minute calls $200

Those new followers and leads aren’t going to nurture themselves. Let’s discuss attraction marketing, DM strategies, how to perform hashtag research, branding and engagement.

Facebook Ad Training: $300 60 minute call

There’s 3 essential parts of a Facebook Ad. Your target market, your graphic and your caption. Let’s dive into Facebook ad anatomy so you can stop wasting money on ad spend and use it to book more clients and increase sales.

White pages + Training Manuals from $1500

Convict other businesses to purchase your products and services. You need well planned research, target market lingo and compelling copywriting. Created using industry research, high quality copy, and persuasive writing to place your company as an authority.

Together we can qualify your new leads, convert your audience to loyal customers and create a cohesive brand strategy to propel your business expansion forward (aka get you more sales)

Does your brand stand out?

email me to set up a time to discuss options for expanding your brand

My business hours are Sunday through Friday 9AM-6PM (EST)

I’m closed on Saturdays but I usually respond to messages within 24 hours.

Ready to get started right now? Here’s a free complimentary 15 minute call to discuss the best way to move your digital marketing efforts forward.

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