On Beauty: Looking the Part Does Not Always Cut It

Beautiful: “Pleasing the senses OR mind aesthetically.” What does it mean to be beautiful? Amazing body? Easy on the eyes? Irresistible? Like meeting your favorite celebrity whom you admire and consider to be “flawless” only to find that their insides don’t really match their outsides. Beauty is deeper than looks. Sure that’s the basic definitionContinue reading “On Beauty: Looking the Part Does Not Always Cut It”

Poetry|Don’t You Know?

Don’t you know how unique you are In all the years there has never been one quite as exquisite as you Don’t you know how beautiful you are Your beauty transcends barriers that would have never been broken Don’t you see how valuable you are More rare and precious than the finest jewel Don’t youContinue reading “Poetry|Don’t You Know?”

Poetry|Remnant of You

Remnant of You Early morning approaches with the desire to see your face, Rhythmic, patterned breathing, escapes to the reality of dawn, We leave our nest for the day to go about our own ways, The day has gone by, as I go through my daily tasks, Still remembering the imprint left on my mindContinue reading “Poetry|Remnant of You”