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Deep Condition: Avocado, Honey, and Egg?

You may have heard of this deep conditioning trend on the internet. Wondering if there is any truth to it? Will these ingredients actually condition my hair?

deep condition.jpg

Curly hair guru’s and natural hair wearers everywhere have been diving into this new trend. Mixing half a slice of avocado, a teaspoon of honey and 1 egg is supposed to replenish, moisturize and add protein to the hair.


Let’s break down how each of these ingredients works in the hair to see if this deep conditioner will work in your hair.




Avocadoes are a food naturally occurring in nature which is filled with fatty acids, protein, amino acids, and vitamins. So, yes Avocado will replenish damaged and dry hair. These components inside of the avocado are crucial for moisture and length retention.


You may have noticed avocado oil on shelves in the local beauty supply store or drug store. Making your own DIY hair conditioning treatment from Avocado will yield amazing results for these reasons.


Avocado has a thick consistency so it’s best to blend this tropical food in a blender to mix thoroughly. Use this superfood by itself or pair it with other ingredients to maximize your conditioning treatments.






Eggs are known for housing tons of protein, amino acids, and fat. The proteins and amino acids help strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage.


The yolk of the egg is the most important part. Yolks contain the highest level of vitamins and nutrients including protein. The yellow part of the egg also has vitamins A and E which both help rejuvenate hair and skin.


Some people mix olive oil and egg together to come up with a super moisturized hair regime. Most people use 1 egg and pair it with another ingredient. It should be noted egg can be used alone in the hair as well as a conditioner. Make sure to rinse thoroughly when finished.




Honey probably doesn’t seem like something you want to saturate your hair with. The truth is this sticky brown liquid can attract moisture and retain any moisturizer already in the hair.


After using honey on your hair, it will feel both soft and smooth. Your curls will be bouncy and full of life. The natural softening properties in honey make it a hot commodity in the hair industry.


Here’s another tip: honey works great in face masks as well. It will fade scars and totally get rid of any acne.


Final Thoughts


To answer the question, yes pairing Avocado, Egg and Honey will give your hair excellent results. Each of these foods can be used alone but imagine the benefit of using all three of these foods together.


Make sure you don’t overdo it. This deep conditioning treatment should only be used every 2 months or so. Putting high amounts of protein in the hair can have adverse effects which are the exact opposite of what you want.


Mix these items in a blender and you will be ready for smooth, luscious hair on wash day. Remember it’s always best to condition after washing your hair. Enjoy!


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Helping Others: The Service of Life

Wherever you go make it your life’s mission to be in the service of those who need you. This doesn’t always refer to those who are poor or homeless.

Serving others is also a key component in business, life, the success of an entrepreneur and the success of college students. This is the purpose of fundraisers and charities.

Be kind and offer free insight, tell people what you’ve experienced so they don’t have to make the same mistakes as you.

Life isn’t about being selfish. The moment you become SELFLESS great things happen.

If you’re always worried about money, your possessions and keeping knowledge to yourself, you will end up with NOTHING.


Because you made no attempt to build relationships or help those who could have used your services.

You made no attempt to help someone when they needed it and the world can see that. Especially in today’s time.

Do you think people want to support the cause of a selfish person?

Do people want to do business with a company that never gives, never fundraisers, doesn’t care for the community and will never give free advice?

The answer is NO. People don’t want to associate with selfish rude people.

Give more than you receive and your business, life, and personal life will triple with success.

Better relationships, more business connections and networks, and of course you will feel pretty good about yourself after helping someone.

Genuinely caring about people you come in contact with is the beginning to understanding that life is about service.

Life is NOT about how people can serve you.

How you can serve others?

In the end you’ll get the thanks and gratitude for being a kind person.

Patience, gratitude and insight are the elements you need to be of service.

Once you master your craft or niche offer it to someone (who is less fortunate) for free. Or, at least do a free consultation to show how knowledgeable you are. This will build your brand, business and reputation.

Once you become larger help the homeless, offer resume writing services to them.

Sincerely think of ways to help people no matter what industry you’re in or what you like to do.

Try it out. Tell me how it goes. Or if you’ve done this before and understand that life is about service share your thoughts. ❤️

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5 Steps: How to Be Happy


Such a simple yet, complex topic. Happiness. What is happiness? Have you ever found yourself wondering how to be happy? Most people at some point in life ask this question.

Too much work and not enough leisure or “me” time can leave you wondering what your life is about. Without finding the true passion in your life you will be left wondering what went wrong.

Exploring what happiness is, what it takes to be happy and how to be happy starts with truly understanding yourself.

What is your passion? What makes you tick? Who and what do you love? What’s important to you. These questions are just the beginning of finding real happiness.

How to Be Happy 101:

The following 5 points will outline how you can achieve self-driven happiness. It’s important to remember that happiness must come from within yourself first. After you figure that part out you can look to other sources of happiness from friends, family, travel, and leisure.

1. Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the first ingredient you need. If you don’t have an adequate level of self-worth and confidence it will be difficult to be happy.

Self-doubt and low self-esteem have a huge impact on your overall wellness and ability to perceive any real joy. Look yourself in the mirror and recite positive self-affirmations. Say to yourself; “I’m beautiful, I’m unique, I’m necessary, I’m brilliant, I’m capable.”

Even if you don’t believe it now you will after 30 days of self-affirmations in the mirror. Sit down and write everything you like about yourself. Your strengths, goals and positive points.

Reflect on these and take them in. Ask family and friends, even co-workers. Perhaps you have awards from work or certain achievements to look at.

how to be happy

2. Forget the Haters

Seriously, please do this. We live in a world where everything is broadcasted on social media, so it’s easy to see what people think of you. Don’t pay attention to negative words, thoughts or comments made about you.

Mostly because they’re just opinions from people who don’t even know the real you or see your true potential. You know who you are, what you do and how valuable you are to this world.

Never let anyone define your worth.

3. Stay Off Social Media

Everyone loves Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. But, sometimes it’s necessary to unplug from these apps/sites.

Give yourself a break from seeing the allusion of happiness on social media. The truth is everyone wants their life to look flawless and perfect on social media. No one will post about their failures or bad days so don’t beat yourself up over seeing an allusion which probably isn’t even real.

You will be much happier once you find balance and ground yourself in the real world. Reality isn’t on social media. Only fantasy and allusion.


4. Get Rid of Negative People

This may sound harsh, but get rid of negative family and friends. These people can be the absolute death of your self-esteem. Learning how to be happy starts with saying no to negative/toxic people.

This can be your boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, cousin, even your own parents. If someone is constantly belittling you, being rude and making you feel worthless then cut them off. Do it quickly and without justification.

You don’t need to justify your need for a peaceful life and sanity. There’s absolutely no way you can find happiness if someone is always being negative in your surroundings. You won’t even realize how big the burden is until you have a few weeks without the toxic relationship bringing you down.

5. Be Merciful and Seek Peace

Harboring grudges and negative thoughts will totally kill your happiness. The truth is we are all human and we all make mistakes. Let the hardships go and forgive. Forgiveness will help you move forward and live your best life.

Find peace with everyone you run into. Even if they don’t like you. Be the bigger person. The enlightened, peace-seeking person who has better things to do than argue or be bothered by someone else.

Remember you are in complete control of your actions. Knowing you’re in control can provide a certain peace and happiness in itself. No one has the power to make you react in a negative way.

Once you provide mercy and peace to every situation you will feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders.





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Motivation After “Failure”

Let me start by saying this. You ONLY fail when you give up.

“Failure” isn’t a permanent state of being. A loss is only temporary and is only truly a loss when you don’t learn from it.

Take this time to find what works for you. Whether it’s school, your business or other life goals.

This is the perfect time to re-examine everything about your preparation rituals.

Maybe you need to study differently. Maybe you need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better marketing plan.

Perhaps you need a new route or means of reaching your goals. Don’t give up now!

Figure out:

1. Why you started

2. Your end goal

3. A reward when goals are met

4. That thing that will motivate you at your lowest

These 4 factors will determine your success. You have to know WHY you want to accomplish your goals. A better life for yourself? Freedom? A title?

What’s your end goal? Do you want to be an author to a series of books of films? Are you aiming for a bachelors degree in a specific study? Are you an artist working to get your work into museums and art fairs?

It’s perfectly okay to reward yourself. In fact you need to every time your goals are met. Even tiny goals.

This gives you something to look forward to.

When you do experience a loss or a “failure” in your plans, school, work or business LEARN from it. This should be your motivation to find out what went wrong.

Now you can fix the mistake you made or make a new and improved plan. This is the time to make your business even better.

Make your study habits better.

Make your art better.

What ever it is you’re working at, it can be improved at this point.

No matter what don’t take failure as a permanent state. It’s only temporary and you may not even remember it in a few months or years.

Sure it may be a little discouraging but find it within you to keep going. These are your LIFE goals. They deserve your full undivided attention!

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Married at 22?!

This may sound crazy since we live in a generation where young marriage is looked down upon.

A few decades ago this wouldn’t have been so surprising. My grandpa proposed to my grandma when she was 18.

They were married for 53 years before he died.

Living during these times and being married is sort of rewarding. It’s great to know that we are doing something that has been lost in recent generations.

Do people even look forward to marriage anymore?

I’ll be honest. I was the little girl who dreamed of getting married. The one who couldn’t wait to be a mother and wife.

This generation has lost that sense of romanticism. Like in the movies.. the kind of love you read about.

Our world is very selfish. Me, me, me with no regard for anyone else.

When you’re married you can’t be like that. Instead you look at how you can be of service to the person you’ve committed your life to.


Because you want to. Because they’re your best friend. Because life without them would be drastically different.

For the sake of love?

At first, but it won’t always be like this. You won’t always “feel” in love. In fact you’ll probably get irritated, angry and impatient.

They’re going to fail you and you’re going to fail them. It’s okay you’re both human.

What matters is the promise. The covenant made between two people who love and value each other more than anything else.

It’s great knowing there’s someone in your corner all the time. Someone to talk to. To go through life with.

Someone that will be there when things get crazy. When life comes knocking at your door in the middle of the night and all you can do is depend on them.

Because we all have someone in our lives like that. Even if it’s just a friend.

How amazing it is for that person to be the one you commit your life to. For better and for worse, rich or poor.

It’s sad knowing this generation has lost this. Lost the ability to love and forgive freely. To trust and be trusted.

Most of all it’s sad knowing our generation can’t get past themselves to see something bigger.

Because at the end of the day, when you’re old and tired and sick….

Degrees won’t matter

Accomplishments won’t matter

Careers you’ve had won’t matter

What matters is the relationships you’ve made with those around you.

You don’t want to look back on life to find you spent so much time on YOU that you’re left with no one there.

I’ve seen it before. I used to work in a nursing home. People who have dedicated everything for their careers sacrificing things they thought they didn’t want.

Only to find that they be left alone with regret and loneliness.

I hope this makes you think. I hope it makes you think about your relationship with friends and others who are close.

To me being married at 22 is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Even if you don’t want to get married at least value those around you. The quality of our life is made by the relationships we held on to and the people we treasured.

Consider this. Ponder on it and let me know what you think.

Until next time..


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Bringing Back All Natural Black Hair

First of all, let me say this, promoting naturally curly hair on black women doesn’t mean I hate you for wearing weave or relaxing and straightening your hair.

I wish we could embrace our natural beauty without feeling like we have to fit into our society’s idea of beauty.

Whenever I see a natural woman with curly hair, bouncing her fro, I compliment her.

People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them their hair looks beautiful in its natural stage. Can you see the problem with that?

I remember being told, “you should perm your hair” by other black girls. White forks and people of other races would simply ask “why is your hair like that?” Confusion swept their faces and mine as well.

What do you mean I should perm or relax my hair? What do you mean why is my hair like this? Is something wrong with it?!

Honestly I was one of those confident kids who LOVED my natural hair. So these comments didn’t “hurt” my feelings although they became annoying through the years (and still are).

I would look in the mirror and see amazing hair that defies gravity. With tangles, curls, coils and texture. Since I never relaxed me hair it was never chemically damaged. Only slightly heat damaged.

A few years ago I decided to only straighten my hair once or twice a year. Well last year I promised myself I would never straighten it again!

The point is that your hair IS beautiful, amazing and unique. Your hair does things that other hair just can’t. It’s a part of who you are. Cherish it, nurture it, love it!

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10 Things in My Baby’s Closet

Every new mom knows there are absolute essentials to keep in the baby’s closet or nursery room.

Here’s a list of my top necessities for my unborn son. How do I know what to buy? Experience! I have a 6-year-old and 4 years old so this whole baby thing is pretty regular for me.

Feel free to comment what you put in your baby’s closet or nursery. Do you have any suggestions? Keep in mind these entries aren’t in any specific order. I need each of these items for the newborn stage to go as smooth as possible.

1. Infant Carrier


Honestly, this is one of my favorite baby items ever. I bought one for my second child and not my first. I will never neglect to get on of these with a baby. They come in handy everywhere you go.

Consider taking a walk with baby, going to the grocery store, shopping for clothes or just walking around in general. I’ve never been the type to lug around a huge car seat. (No shade to moms who do, just my preference). After being in labor and delivering a baby the absolute last thing I want to do is carry heavy stuff.

These carriers are perfect for newborns. They can fit snug in the front or back of you for morning walks or any other activity. If you have other children you may want to take them to the park.

Instead of lugging around a large stroller or car seat just seal baby up in the carrier and you’re ready to go. Keep in mind you’ll probably only be able to use this for the first 6 months of life.

2. Comfy Infant Bathtub

IMG_2151 2.JPG

You know those plastic tubs that are always in the baby section? Yeah, my kids hated those. I decided to try and make little one comfy in the bath this time.

My two older kids hated bathtime since they had to sit in a hard plastic tub. Think about it, the newborn has been in your warm comfy belly for 9 months surrounded by amniotic fluid and cushioning.

They’re going to be scared and uncomfortable in a hard plastic tub. These soft comfy ones are available at about any department store. Amazon is great too. I have not opened it yet but I imagine they’re pretty soft and warm. Better than hard plastic.


IMG_0019 2

Ah, yes, the Boppy. If you’re unaware of what this is, it’s basically a huge comfy infant pillow. Breastfeeding moms love these, but they also come in handy for any baby.

They’re perfect for tummy time and helping baby to sit upright. Baby can also sit back and relax on the Boppy. Just remember to set them back in the crib for naptime. (Safe sleep).

They come in all different colors and designs. I decided to purchase mine from Target, but I’m sure you can find one wherever baby items are sold.

4. Diapers

Okay, this one is kind of a no-brainer, of course, you’ll need diapers. I found that its best to purchase these, wipes, and other baby hygiene products ahead of time, in bulk! As a new mom, the last thing you want to do is go shopping last minute for diapers and wipes!

5. Changing Table

I actually have a changing mat and changing table this time around. I didn’t purchase theme the first two times but now I did. I know its gonna save me backaches and mess from blow-outs.

My baby’s crib has a changing table attached which should be pretty convenient instead of stooping down to his mattress level and trying to change him that way. So, why do I need the pad?

You may be out somewhere. Maybe a park or a family members house. Bring the changing pad just in case. Newborns dirty their diapers ALL the time. It’s just better to come prepared for any and everything. What will you do if he has a blow-out at the park?

The changing pad also has curved sides so baby won’t be able to roll off. They love doing that!

6. Breast Pump

If you choose to breastfeed get the pump ahead of time. Even if you plan on staying home with baby. Sure, you probably won’t need it for a few weeks but its good to be prepared.

This time around I got the Spectra Breast Pump since everyone said that’s the best one. I like electric breast pumps. Anything that can make this easier and convenient is something I’ll use.

Mine is still in the box waiting for me to use it.

7. Bouncer or Swing


This is absolutely necessary unless you want your little one to sit in a car seat all day. (That’s a no-no).

I personally like the bouncers more than the swings. I always have, I’m not sure why but with each of my kids I used a similar bouncer. Maybe because it isn’t huge and bulky. You can scoot them closer to you and turn on music or vibration settings.

This will soothe baby just like being in the womb. It takes some time for your newborn to get used to this “new world.” I’ve found that my kids could always be calmed down by being in a bouncer with vibration settings.

The truth is you won’t ALWAYS be able to hold baby. There’s still laundry, cooking and cleaning to be done around the house. If you don’t have someone to help out then you’ll have to figure it out all alone.

It’s perfectly fine for baby to spend a little bit of their time away from the comfort of your arms.

8. Clothing Choices

Surely you know baby will need clothes but what kind? Shoes? Bibs? I’m the kind of mom who likes a simple life. So no I’m not going to buy baby 30 different outfits that they’ll grow out of and mess up with milk, and other diaper related messes.

Jeans are cute on newborns don’t get me wrong, and we love to dress our little girls in cute expensive dresses and stuff but it just isn’t worth it. I realized that quickly. You may have to change outfits on the baby 3 or 4 times a day.

So what do I buy? ONESIES! Tons and tons of onesies to go in his drawer, closet and anywhere else they can fit. I also like to buy the soft cotton pants which are easy to pull off in case of a huge diaper mess.

Buying more onesies than anything else really helps in the long run. You’ll find that you’ll end up going back to the store to get more anyway.

9. Delivery Blankets

I’ve learned you can NEVER have too many of these. I swaddle newborns every night and usually during nap times too. This makes for a much better sleep! They want to feel warm and cozy similar to how they were in the womb.

As you may have guessed, delivery blankets get messy and dirty too. It can happen pretty quickly. So I buy lots of them! All different designs and colors. Sometimes I use them as a bib or extra cloth. They’re just good to have around.

10. Diaper Bag


It’s all packed and ready for the hospital. He has clothes, blankets, pacifiers and hygiene stuff picked out for the big day. This time I purchase one from Amazon which looks kind of like a stylish backpack. It might as well look nice since I’m going to be carrying it everywhere.

It has pockets and helpful compartments too. It doesn’t look like the average diaper back. I like to be creative and as you already know, I don’t want to carry heavy things. Putting it on my back will even out some of that weight.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s what’s in my baby’s closet and nursery. To me, these are newborn essentials for any mom. This stage should be as easy as you can possibly make it because you’re going to be tired, hungry and sometimes cranky. Changing up a few things will ease you into the newborn stage.







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5 Stereotypes of Black Women We Need to End

1. All Black Women Wear Weaves and Get Perms

This stereotype is probably the one that annoys me the most. First of all, not all black women like weave or perms. Take me for example, I HATE them.

I’ve never had a perm or straightening agent in my hair and the last time I had weave was about 4 years ago.

I hated the weave so much that I took it out after 2 weeks.

I just don’t like the feeling of hair that isn’t mine on my head. I’m so used to my curls that I really didn’t know what to do with other grades of hair.

Last year I promised myself I would not put heat in my hair for at least 3 years. To be honest I don’t get the urge to straighten it at all anymore.

I have let my curl pattern perfect itself, and really love the all natural feeling and look!

It’s time for people to understand that not all black women are alike. I’m not afraid to get my hair wet, in fact I do it pretty much everyday.

Water is the number one moisturizer!

As a child people would tell me I should get a perm and I just looked at them confused, why?????

2. Black Women Are Angry

This is another very annoying stereotype. Anytime a black woman speaks an ounce of truth she’s labeled as angry.

Maybe he’s trying to spread awareness to her people and others all over the world.

Considering the plight of black women in America it is normal to be angry about everything that has happened.

But we’re not always mad. In fact I’m rarely mad. I just want to help educate and spread awareness.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m probably the goofiest person you’ll ever meet, and I laugh at anything (really).

Laughter is good for the soul right?

3. Black Women Are Too Independent

Even though TV always portrays black women as being super independent and not wanting a man it’s simply inaccurate and dangerous to our mental state.

Sorry to tell you but you cannot do it all! You will break (mentally). Maybe you already have.

It’s not normal or necessary to take on the weight of the world. Let someone help you.

Don’t feel bad for self care either. If you don’t take care of yourself FIRST how can you expect to help anyone else.

Black women still value marriage despite what the media may show of us.

We also value helpful fathers, friends and family.

Sisterhood is something that has not dissipated in our community. We love our friends, and hopefully want what’s best for them.

The majority of us don’t always want to hate on the next. Shows like LHH and other reality TV portrays us fighting each other too much.

It’s not only detrimental but it’s also not reality for the grown black woman. Maybe for teenagers but black women are too focused on careers and family to even have time for such drama!

4. The Jezebel Spirit

From what the media portrays of black women we are always seen as sex objects, being overly sexualized, and seductive. Although many women are like this some are not!

We know how to dress modest and keep our curves in the bedroom. This stereotype is very detrimental to the mentality of little black girls growing up.

What does it do to the mind to see yourself being portrayed in music videos? Dancing in a seductive and sultry way.

What impact does the music we listen to have on our minds?

5. Black Women Lack Emotion

Due to our history in the U.S. blacks as a whole have had to suppress their emotions.

Somehow we began equating this as a strength instead of a weakness.

First and foremost the inability to share emotions is NOT a strength. This causes much more harm on our psychology than we like to admit

When you don’t express your feelings you bottle everything up. This will explode one day. Or maybe it already has.

It’s not healthy mentally or physically and you deserve to be able to say what’s on your mind.

Instead of succumbing to these horrible stereotypes, let’s move forward and educate others.

Speak up and tell people who YOU really are as an individual.

If we want to be portrayed differently we have to stop feeding into the media and music industry. Promote music with a message other than sex and money.

Teach your daughters the same, so the next generation won’t have to deal with this.

Together we can break down the ideals made about us. But WE are the only ones who can do it!

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The Truth About Insecurity

When you hear the word “insecure,” or think about people who are insecure you may automatically think of superficial factors such as beauty, body type and popularity.

Well it’s not that simple. Insecurity is more than thinking you don’t look good. Many times your looks have nothing to do with it at all. Sometimes being insecure is a reflection of the world around you, and not necessarily how you feel about yourself.

Have you ever been let down?


Lied to?


A victim of abuse in all forms?

Insecurity isn’t a reflection of you as a person, but a reflection of how your environment effects you.

Here are a few reasons people become insecure:

1) Horrible Relationships

And this is not limited to being in a relationship with a significant other. If you aren’t surrounded by quality people who love and look out for you then you may be prone to insecurities.

If you come home from work or school only to be yelled out and belittled you probably will begin to not feel so good about yourself.

But I promise it isn’t your fault, some people just draw the life out of you because of their own unhappiness.

2) Loneliness

Some people feel insecure simply out of loneliness. They could be the most stunningly beautiful people in the world, but if your soul is lonely none of that matters.

Healthy friendships matter and are so important for our sanity and growth. Without this, you’re bound to fall into feeling insecure about yourself as a person.

3) Belief In Your Own Abilities

Maybe you got a bad grade, screwed up that project at work or completely forgot about something you were supposed to be working on. If you’re not careful the demands of life can lead you into insecurity.

Try not to stress too much, we’re all human, we all make mistakes. Just get up and try again and know that your short comings DON’T define you as a person.

What Can You Do To Counter This?

On your good days remind yourself how competent and great you are and on your bad days do the same.

DON’T settle for mean words from ANYONE. This includes friends and family. Real friends and family want to see you happy and prospering, not being defeated.

Figure out unique things about yourself. Find differences in you, that make you, YOU! Fall in love with these differences and build your confidence.

Know the warning signs of toxic people. You may have never had any issues with feeling insecure until a certain person came in your life.

Don’t ignore this! Question why and how they’re able to make you feel this way. You probably need to cut them out of your life for good. Sometimes you really don’t see how bad it is until you get yourself out.

Hopefully this helps you to understand that insecurities are NOT skin deep. They have a deeper hidden layer, and it’s not always about looking in the mirror and not feeling beautiful or good looking.

That’s a very superficial view to have. Sometimes the problem is deeper and with a little thought, you can figure out the cause and work on a way to lift you self back up.