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How To Write Business Blog Posts

The internet is a powerful tool and when you utilize it business opportunities are limitless. Combining the right marketing tools will allow you to reach a worldwide audience.

Who doesn’t want that?

Learning how to write a business blog post can be the turning point in your business. Small business owners, medium and large scale companies can utilize a blog. The purpose of a business blog for any business is to show off your expertise to potential consumers.

Mastering the art of content creation will allow your business to thrive in new ways. Forget all those marketing classes you took and focus on researching what really works for your consumers.

1. What Are Your Goals?


This is key to creating relevant blog posts. Are you trying to bring more traffic to your website? Hoping to close and secure new clients, or wanting more publicity for your brand?

Figure this out first. It will save you time in the long run. Ask yourself what your company is struggling with right now. Brainstorm ways to promote your services and products in a unique way. (Everyone has the same tactics, think outside of the box)

After you pinpoint your goals set deadlines and expectations. What use is having a goal if you can’t track exactly how close you are to accomplishing it?

Write out a 30-day plan to assist with this.

2. Brush Up On Grammar

Please, please, please don’t skip this step! Especially if you’re in an industry related to real estate, law or finances.

Your blog posts may be packed with tons of advice and helpful information but if you cant spel crrectly (See that’s annoying right?) then you will be unsuccessful in finding new leads.

A missing comma here or there might be okay, but you really need to either outsource your blogging to a freelance writer or take a few grammar lessons.

Knowing what you’re talking about shows professionalism. This is no different in the blogging world. Bottom line: don’t let bad grammar mess up your business!

3. Learn Proper Formatting

blog blocks

You probably didn’t realize blogs need proper formatting. This means you don’t write a blog the way you would have written a college thesis. No one wants to read huge blocks of text.

Everyone has a smartphone and most of the time we look up information on them. This is why it’s important to write in small paragraphs (2-4sentences at most).

Unlearn everything you were taught in your English class about formatting your writing. You can get away with 1 sentence paragraphs.


You’re not getting away with it, actually, it’s necessary. The entire reason to have a blog is to create a loyal audience. You want this audience to grow right? Hopefully, your audience turns into clients and consumers.

This won’t happen if they don’t enjoy reading your content. Another aspect of formatting is using bullet points. These will make your content easier to read.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Products/Services

This is your business blog. It’s more than okay to have a few posts related to your products rather than just giving advice all the time. If you’re having a sell tell your audience about it.

Maybe you’re launching a new product soon, or you want to explain why your product will be better for your potential consumers than your competition.

Your audience wants to know about you. They want to know about the advice you can give and they also want to know what makes your different from the rest of the business owners in your industry.

5. Get Creative and Use Awesome Graphics

bright colors

Pictures and graphics are everything. Especially for your blog posts featured photo. Part of learning how to write business blog posts is finding the perfect pictures to go along with what you’re writing.

Take your own pictures or search online for fascinating, eye captivating photos. But, don’t use Google images. Here are a few sources you can use:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Stock Snap
  • Free Stocks

Bright colors are always a good choice but, if your company colors aren’t bright then it’s okay to use other colors.

Besides the feature photo that will appear when readers see your link, provide 2-3 other photos to break up some of the text in your post. Make sure these are high-quality large photos over 800 pixels.


Your pictures will look tacky and grainy if you just post any picture in there without considering the size and quality.

Get To It

Now you know the basics of starting your own company blog. Blogging will make you a go-to authority in your niche and you may have some fun with it along the way.

Write about new sales and products on your blog too. Finding and keeping new clients is one of the many benefits of your blog. Ask your readers how you’re doing and take a poll to see how they’re liking it.

It’s okay if you don’t have time to write these posts. You can always hire a quality freelance writer.
















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Helping Others: The Service of Life

Wherever you go make it your life’s mission to be in the service of those who need you. This doesn’t always refer to those who are poor or homeless.

Serving others is also a key component in business, life, the success of an entrepreneur and the success of college students. This is the purpose of fundraisers and charities.

Be kind and offer free insight, tell people what you’ve experienced so they don’t have to make the same mistakes as you.

Life isn’t about being selfish. The moment you become SELFLESS great things happen.

If you’re always worried about money, your possessions and keeping knowledge to yourself, you will end up with NOTHING.


Because you made no attempt to build relationships or help those who could have used your services.

You made no attempt to help someone when they needed it and the world can see that. Especially in today’s time.

Do you think people want to support the cause of a selfish person?

Do people want to do business with a company that never gives, never fundraisers, doesn’t care for the community and will never give free advice?

The answer is NO. People don’t want to associate with selfish rude people.

Give more than you receive and your business, life, and personal life will triple with success.

Better relationships, more business connections and networks, and of course you will feel pretty good about yourself after helping someone.

Genuinely caring about people you come in contact with is the beginning to understanding that life is about service.

Life is NOT about how people can serve you.

How you can serve others?

In the end you’ll get the thanks and gratitude for being a kind person.

Patience, gratitude and insight are the elements you need to be of service.

Once you master your craft or niche offer it to someone (who is less fortunate) for free. Or, at least do a free consultation to show how knowledgeable you are. This will build your brand, business and reputation.

Once you become larger help the homeless, offer resume writing services to them.

Sincerely think of ways to help people no matter what industry you’re in or what you like to do.

Try it out. Tell me how it goes. Or if you’ve done this before and understand that life is about service share your thoughts. ❤️

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An Inside Look: Content Marketing for a Small Business

You’ve heard it time and time again, “create content that converts.” But, what does that really mean? How do I create content my consumers will be interested in?

Knowing the power behind small business blogging is the first step towards monetizing your business via content marketing. Whether you’re a health, automotive, finance, real estate or food industry business you can benefit from knowing how to content market for a small business.

Who’s Your Audience?

Get out a notebook or word document and think about who you will read your content. Will your consumers read your blog and website descriptions? Figure out how to help them.

Depending on your industry you can provide helpful tips and advice for your consumers. Answer their questions and become the go-to for industry questions. For example, if you’re a baker write a blog post about how to make a gourmet handmade icing.

Your consumers want to feel connected to you and your brand. They want to know you’re both knowledgeable and trustworthy. Successful content marketing for a small business begins with this step.

Provide Insight or Advice


The blog for your small business should provide some kind of advice for your audience. What are their problems? What do they want to read? How can you solve their issues? Are there any helpful tips you can provide?

These are questions to ask yourself before initiating your blog. Helping your consumers and readers is your main goal. For instance, if you’re a wellness coach/business you need to provide content with motivational tips or subjects.

If you specialize in helping clients with sales and marketing then give them tips on valuable software and trends in the marketing world.

Content marketing for a small business begins with finding an issue and solving it for your target audience.

It’s Time to Promote

content marketing for a small business

You know who your audience is, you know their problem and you figured out how to solve it. Now it’s time to find a freelance writer to write your content. The right freelance writer will be in the same or a similar industry as you.

You wouldn’t hire a freelance writer experienced with the law for a life coaching blog right? Maybe you own a business which sells products such as candles, clothing or shoes.

It may be difficult to find a writer in these exact industries, so find one who knows how to market individual products. A copywriter may be your best bet.

While finding a writer for your content marketing needs, consider their research. Will they need to research this topic? How much research is involved?

Finding an experienced freelance writer who knows how to do credible research is huge for your brand. They will find you the most up to date information for your niche.

Content Marketing: Social Media

content marketing

Now, let’s dive into how social media can help promote your blog and brand. Your company blog is an extension of your company’s brand.

All the work you’ve put in doesn’t matter if you don’t have subscribers and readers right?  Promoting your blog on Social Media is one of the easiest ways to find viewers. Nearly any social media platform will do.

To start, you definitely want an Instagram, and Twitter account. These two platforms are especially helpful for a brand that seeks to expand country and worldwide. If your brand is focused on local consumers try Facebook and LinkedIn first.

As you create your brand on each platform, the number of viewers will go up. You will soon realize that promoting your content for the company is quite the task.

Ideally, you should post relevant content on your platforms at least 3 times a day or more. For Twitter, you will want to post at least 5 times a day.

It’s a great idea to hire a social media manager to help with this. They will post on your behalf while increasing your followers and traffic to your blog.

Final Thoughts


Having a blog is just the beginning of content marketing. Your blog and social media accounts are two key ways consumers can connect with you.

You will find that new customers and leads are able to find you through your website, blog and social media accounts. Over the last few years, social media for marketing purposes has exploded.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this article on the critical information surrounding content marketing and social media marketing.




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5 Reasons to Use a Small Business Blog


If you’re an entrepreneur and your business has yet to consider using a blog than this article is for you. Think about the following.

The internet is taking over and with that, internet marketing is becoming the main way to promote businesses and services. No matter what industry you’re in your products can certainly be used by people across the world. (If only they knew about you).

Having a small business blog on your company website will:

  • increase sales & new leads
  • increase traffic to your social media platforms
  • drive attention away from your competition
  • your business will become an industry leader
  • opportunities to share your brand with the world

Let’s look at each of these points in more detail.

Increase Traffic and Leads

A small business blog will increase sales and promote new leads using something called SEO. SEO is huge in the online marketing industry because it’s what makes your company and website available through Google searches.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works by using a few keywords throughout your blog posts or website. The better the keywords are the more likely your blog or website is to appear near the beginning of Google Searches.

Sounds great right? You’re probably wondering how to go about doing this. Lucky for you, there are tons of freelance writers, bloggers and copywriters out there who can use this tool to bring in more traffic which equals more sales for you.

For instance, you can always go here to find a freelance writer for hire.


Increase Traffic to Your Social Media Platforms

Social media is another amazing tool utilized by entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere. Think about it, places like Target, Starbucks, and Nike all have their own social media. Sure they have more followers than you but imagine having a large following who cares about your brand.

Social media opens up another world of traffic for your company. Simply placing your website in your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook profile will increase sales and allow you to find new customers across the earth.

Take a look at some of your industry’s biggest competition. I’m sure they have social media profiles which they are consistently updating. This type of work can be outsourced to a freelance Social Media Manager.

Posting a few eye-catching photos, with awesome taglines and catchy phrases is the start of making your brand noticeable across different platforms.

Drive Attention Away From Competition

Using a small business blog will make your company stand out. It’s up to you how often you want blog posts to be written, but the more often the better. Your consumers want to know they can depend on you.

Having a blog will show your potential consumers how serious and passionate you are about what you do. Share helpful tips, and industry news with your followers and watch the spotlight shine on you.

Think of blogging as another service you offer your consumers. This works for lawyers, doctors, hair care companies, makeup companies and virtually any industry. Perhaps, you’re offering a new product or service, make sure to post a blog post about it.


Your Business Will Become an Industry Leader

Take a look at these successful business blogs. These companies have mastered blogging and social media marketing which has allowed them to be the leaders in their industry.

They’re the professional you go to when you want information on products similar to what they offer. Blogging and social media marketing go hand in hand even though they have their differences.

Listen, entrepreneur, you want to be the person/business everyone goes to for information. Being the authority shows credibility and promotes trust between you and your consumers.

It will take time to research and find relevant information but it will definitely pay off. People talk and this becomes another way of getting referrals. Once you become an industry leader you may consider selling your services and products to other businesses. (B2B Marketing).

Opportunity to Share Your Brand with The World

That’s the thing about the world wide web. Depending on what you offer this will help in different ways. If you sell products, becoming recognized on a large scale basis will make your likelihood of selling in larger stores possible.

Imagine seeing your product on shelves in Walmart, Target, and department stores. That’s your goal, right? If you connect with people worldwide your customers will review your products and back you up. Soon your brand will be recognized everywhere.

If you provide a service such as coaching or writing books, imagine your brand reaching across the earth. Consumers from all over will order your services thus you’ll become a worldwide sensation for your industry.

This attention and publicity are amazing for a business. What started as a small business will become a household name or a brand in which millions of people all over the world use.

Face it. Having a small business blog is a no-risk investment. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Find a freelance writer, copywriter or blogger and get to the drawing board.