Are You Present in the Moment?

How to be Present in the MOMENT We’ve all experienced those times where we are kind of on auto mode. Whether it is at work, driving or in the comfort of your own home. You drive somewhere and don’t remember the actual drive, or you go through your daily tasks not really paying attention to […]

Eternal Love

Do you believe in the term “Soul Mate”? That being someone who was meant for you. Maybe even created just for you. Surely there would be no one else that could compare in your eyes or there’s if they’re you’re soul mate. I don’t know if that is real. What I do know is that […]

Poetry|Remnant of You

Remnant of You Early morning approaches with the desire to see your face, Rhythmic, patterned breathing, escapes to the reality of dawn, We leave our nest for the day to go about our own ways, The day has gone by, as I go through my daily tasks, Still remembering the imprint left on my mind […]

Your Hair Is Beautiful!

Dear Curly Haired Girls, Your hair is BEAUTIFUL. I learned that line at a very young age but that didn’t stop the little children who would make fun of my hair, or comment on how it should be permed, relaxed, straightened, which ever word they pleased. See me, I always loved my hair, so I […]