So, you know Facebook and Instagram are basically HUGE lead generation systems for realtors if they know how to leverage them.

I mean Facebook has billions of users and Instagram is steadily increasing as an uber-popular social media site with the uprise of IGTV, IG Stories, and video.

That means regular people [aka those looking for homes] are on the platforms too. People spend most of their time going through their Facebook feed and Instagram timeline in between breaks and in their leisure.

Your ideal clients, be it; luxury, rentals, suburban, or city are all on Facebook, Instagram or both. Your business or you as an individual showing up on time in the right places online will allow for increased visibility and awareness for those who need your services.

Let’s take a look at the main ways realtors can use Facebook and Instagram to bring in new real estate leads.

Open houses and social media

Your entire reason for scheduling and going through the trouble of preparing for an open house is to show off the interior to a perfect customer.

They need to see and get a feel for the home before moving in. Facebook and Instagram are both visual platforms. Facebook ads can capture leads and advertise your services to ready buyers while Instagram gives even more of a visual focus so those scrolling through IG can get a glimpse of their dream home.

This is all in preparation for the actual open house which will be in person. Of course, there are virtual house tours but for the sake of this article let’s stick with physical open houses.

Taking captivating photos, before the open house and after the event will show current and new followers what you have to offer.

Video is amazing for real estate agencies and realtors

Video is a huge trend on social media mostly because we as people want to relate to and understand the people and businesses around us.

Anytime you can get video footage before, during and after your open house the better.

In fact, going live on Facebook and Instagram in preparation for the open house a few days before will boost your visibility leading to more people that need a trusted realtor. 

What should I do next?

You know Facebook and Instagram both have the potential to connect you with dozens of local customers who need a realtor — but you don’t have the time to figure out social media, inbound marketing online, and connecting with these newfound followers.

Tiffy G Writes offers this service as well as blog content, email marketing and website copy. When you’re ready to devote all of your time to real estate and stop running in circles with marketing contact me.


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Tiffany is a Freelance Marketing Writer and Social Media Manager. She dazzles her client's web content, email campaigns, blog, and social media platforms (IG, FB, Twitter, ​and LinkedIn) Comprehensive social media strategies allow me to drive massive sales for my service based clients while expanding their website traffic and social accounts massively. When she's not creating content for small businesses and entrepreneurs she's spending time with her 3 kids, and husband or planning the next family vacation.

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