Bringing Back All Natural Black Hair

Relatable Content That Converts

First let me say this, promoting naturally curly hair on black women doesn’t mean I hate you for wearing weave or relaxing and straightening your hair.

I wish we could embrace our natural beauty without feeling like we have to fit into our society’s idea of beauty.

Whenever I see a natural woman with curly hair, bouncing her fro, I compliment her.

People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them their hair looks beautiful in its natural stage. Can you see the problem with that?

I remember being told, “you should perm your hair” by other black girls. White forks and people of other races would simply ask “why is your hair like that?” Confusion swept their faces and mine as well.

What do you mean I should perm or relax my hair? What do you mean why is my hair like this? Is something wrong with…

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