Tumeric: The Spice Everyone Should Be Using

Wellness Writes

Tumeric is a plant that is similar to Ginger in structure. The most simple use of Tumeric is to use it in its spice form and season whatever you may be cooking with it.

Tumeric can also be used in teas or even salads. You may be wondering why everyone should use this plant.

tumeric 1

Tumeric has a vast amount of medicinal properties ranging from anti-inflammatory, lowering the risk of cancers, anti-aging properties, and can even improve brain function! These are just a few of the health benefits of the thousand-year-old spice.

Tumeric can slow the production and instance of getting blood clots as well. The anti-inflammatory properties in the spice also contribute to its ability to prevent blood clots.

This may sound odd, but Tumeric has also been proven to decrease depression in humans. Research has been done on the topic, and when placed against a placebo (fake pill) theā€¦

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