The Truth About Insecurity

Tiffy G Writes

When you hear the word “insecure,” or think about people who are insecure you may automatically think of superficial factors such as beauty, body type and popularity.

Well it’s not that simple. Insecurity is more than thinking you don’t look good. Many times your looks have nothing to do with it at all. Sometimes being insecure is a reflection of the world around you, and not necessarily how you feel about yourself.

Have you ever been let down?


Lied to?


A victim of abuse in all forms?

Insecurity isn’t a reflection of you as a person, but a reflection of how your environment effects you.

Here are a few reasons people become insecure:

1) Horrible Relationships

And this is not limited to being in a relationship with a significant other. If you aren’t surrounded by quality people who love and look out for you then you may be…

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Traveling With Toddlers

Tiffy G Writes

My kids are 6 and 3, and a few weeks ago they went with us on a cruise to the Bahamas! Can you say family vacay?! I promised them I wouldn’t go on anymore trips without them. Overall it was a great experience, but here’s a few tips just in case you’ll be traveling with toddlers in the future.


If your kids like tablets or any electronics make sure to bring them. It’s not necessary for the cruise or your actual destination but it is for the airplane! Especially if your layover is on the longer side you’ll want something to keep the little ones busy. It doesn’t have to be a tablet being a few of their favorite toys or books for the ride!


You never know what could happen ESPECIALLY when traveling with kids. Carry bandaids, wound disinfectant, gauze, thermometers and…

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The Incredible Power of Hope

Tiffy G Writes

What is hope? Hope is both a noun and a verb. In it’s noun form it means “a feeling of expectation or desire for something to happen.” In it’s verb form it means, “wanting or trusting that something will happen.

The amazing thing about HOPE is that it opens doors, says sky is the limit and ensures that we don’t give up on our dreams and aspirations.

When something goes wrong hope is that thing that tell us “relax, everything will be just fine.” And eventually it is right. Even the worst situations work themselves out.

What would our lives be without hope?

When your back is on the wall and it seems as if the world is crashing down a around you find hope in a steady person or situation.

Maybe hope for you, is knowing that you always have a way of sorting everything out.

Or maybe your…

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Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

Tiffy G Writes


So many times as parents we strive to be our best as we should! BUT we forget what our babies or kids really need is our time and undivided attention. 

We make long videos of their first birthday, YAY YOU’RE ONE! Cake, balloons, ice cream, clothes and presents galore. Then we forget to give them our undivided attention on regular days and throughout the week.

Truth is they need us MORE during the down times. When it seems they’re nagging they just want our attention.

Jeremiah (who is 5) always says “Mommy, mommy, mommy” repeatedly, non stop. It’s soooooo easy for us to get irritated because we are focused on cleaning the house, talking to our partner, running errands (probably too much multitasking) etc…

These are the times when our toddlers and little ones NEED our attention. This is the stage in their life where they need to know that…

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Why I Love Fenty Beauty

Tiffy G Writes

To start, Rihanna really out did herself with these products. All inclusive, 40 shades of flawless coverage. I’ve been using the products for about 4 months and here are my faves.


Her foundation is superior. No, but really, it is. I like to apply mine with a damp beauty blender even though I purchased the foundation brush. It blends much better with her beauty blender. The foundation runs for $34 which isn’t too bad. I use shade 320 and it first I thought it would be too light.

This foundation oxidizes so you actually look a shade or two darker. Which is perfect for me.

If this will be your first time just swatch in the store to be sure. I got lucky when I ordered mine online and it actually matched.


I always keep this in my hand. It has this sort of fruit delicious smell…

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Letter To My Children

Tiffy G Writes

To My Children,

I look at you and I see joy, innocence, happiness and pure undying love. Your little faces can instantly lighten up the dimmest of days. You are filled with life, never lose that.

You mean the world to me and you won’t quite understand my love for you until you have kids of your own. I pray for your health, your education, your kindness, your morality, your future.

The most amazing and miraculous thing I’ve ever done was create you.

You’ve changed me, helped me grow, helped me learn. I see life differently with you here. I feel unstoppable because of you.

Your kind words and gentle voices echo in my head before I fall asleep and right when I wake up. You ground me and put everything into perspective.

I see the world clearly when I’m looking at you hoping that you will be prepared for…

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