Growing Pains

Relatable Content That Converts

Being uncomfortable builds character, integrity, endurance and strength. It’s more than okay to not have what you want all the time. It’s okay to feel pain and all the different emotions and problems that come with life. These instances make us who we are. These circumstances make us stronger.


It’s okay to STRUGGLE. This builds perseverance. You can’t get what you want all the time, and you shouldn’t. The times in life where we’re uncomfortable and really have to think and plan for a way to come out on top makes us better people.

Take a deep breath and LEARN from this circumstance. Whatever it may be there is a lesson to be learned, a take away to carry with you always. Life isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon. That’s what my dad would always say.

Sometimes the worst parts of life bring forth the greatest and most true form…

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