Why Is She So Quiet?

Relatable Content That Converts

Next time you meet a quiet person..

I am an introvert. But before I go into a whole spiel about how introverted I am and how it effects my interactions, maybe I should give you a definition.

Yeah, I was always the quiet one in school. I NEVER raised my hand, if they wanted me to talk I had to be called on. I would talk to my friends and that’s it. Just within the last 2 years I actually realized and categorized myself as an introvert. I mean it made perfect sense.

I’m not terrified to share my ideas or thoughts but I find it difficult if I have to do it in person. Even on the phone!! I even found it difficult to ask for anything, such as an extra cup or napkin in the lunch room.

Maybe that’s why I am sooo independent, because it is excruciating…

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