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Why Is She So Quiet?

Relatable Content That Converts

Next time you meet a quiet person..

I am an introvert. But before I go into a whole spiel about how introverted I am and how it effects my interactions, maybe I should give you a definition.

Yeah, I was always the quiet one in school. I NEVER raised my hand, if they wanted me to talk I had to be called on. I would talk to my friends and that’s it. Just within the last 2 years I actually realized and categorized myself as an introvert. I mean it made perfect sense.

I’m not terrified to share my ideas or thoughts but I find it difficult if I have to do it in person. Even on the phone!! I even found it difficult to ask for anything, such as an extra cup or napkin in the lunch room.

Maybe that’s why I am sooo independent, because it is excruciating…

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Tiffany is a lifestyle, wellness and parenting blogger for hire. She has a background in healthcare and wellness, a passion for healthy living and full body wellness. In her spare time, she works, cooks creative healthy meals, and manages to take care of two toddlers while keeping her creative side alive! ;)

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