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Why You SHOULDN’T Wait To Travel

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Most people travel for the obvious reason; VACATION. Which is always a good reason right? I mean we work hard all year so we should spend our hard earned money on memories that will last a lifetime.

Traveling is NEVER a waste of money! I mean think about it. You’re investing in memories, experiences, stress relief, adventures and the opportunity to learn about other cultures!!

Whether you start out traveling the states, jump on a cruise or go to foreign countries, you can always meet new people and learn a new way of life. That is why I say it is NEVER a waste of money. Especially if you have kids. Just think if we travel from the time we are little we will be so knowledgeable about the world and life outside of our little circle or neighborhood. Travelers are well rounded, intelligent people.

When I’m in my retirement…

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Tiffany is a lifestyle, wellness and parenting blogger for hire. She has a background in healthcare and wellness, a passion for healthy living and full body wellness. In her spare time, she works, cooks creative healthy meals, and manages to take care of two toddlers while keeping her creative side alive! ;)

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