Your Hair Is Beautiful!


Relatable Content That Converts

Dear Curly Haired Girls,

Your hair is BEAUTIFUL. I learned that line at a very young age but that didn’t stop the little children who would make fun of my hair, or comment on how it should be permed, relaxed, straightened, which ever word they pleased.

See me, I always loved my hair, so I was confused as to why they wanted to change it. Other than a few dye jobs I never put chemicals in my hair to give it a “straighter” or “whiter” appearance. I was a black girl, in a white suburb who absolutely and completely wanted to be BLACK. So I loved my full lips, I was even envious of Jenifer Hudson because her lips were “bigger” than mine. I liked my wide nose too. Those features of mine didn’t get as much attention as my hair. I don’t have average black girl hair.

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