Big Parenting No-No

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IMG_1102Negative Criticism and Commentary 

Whether you’re frustrated, attempting to discipline your child or just not having a good day, this is NEVER okay! EVER!!!!! This type of communication with your child is verbal abuse and can have negative effects on them at each age level. Say harsh or cruel words to a small child or toddler and they’ll grow up to be insecure and learn that they have to step on egg shells so that they don’t make you mad. Getting in verbal altercations with older kids and teens (I know they’re mouthy) is just as bad. Why? Because you have taught them that you do not respect them as a person.

Just think about it, if someone, even your loved one hurts your feelings, curses at you and belittles you on a consistent basis how would you feel? Consciously and subconsciously there is damage done. Yelling too much…

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