Have you switched majors before?

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That Darn Major Changer

Sorry, I’m not doing what I thought I was. My whole life I’ve dreamed of being in the medical field, so much that in a way I idolized it, going to a career center for nursing, later to land an AWESOME job at Children’s, and a year later get into nursing school! Sounds great right? Living my dreams, fulfilling my purpose?

Except the part where I withdrew from classes mid second semester in the program. Before you prepare to read a downward spiraling, filled with emotion and dreams but now enough ambition excerpt, let me save you the despair.

I’m free. Sure you wouldn’t think of the medical field as enslavement right? Until you’re there. Nurses, Doctors, Physician assistants and practitioners are awesome people! They’re just not the me I’ve grown into.

I wasn’t the best at nursing school and wasn’t the worst either. First few…

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