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Tiffy G Writes: Freelance Social Media Manager, Copywriter and Digital Marketing Blogger Located in Columbus, Ohio

What is your brand saying?

Do You Need an Awe-Inspiring Message for Your Business?

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So you're a service based business owner looking for the best way to captivate your audience while giving the real on everything you know. I mean you are the expert and anyone who has worked with you knows it. 

The problem is getting new customers to KNOW it. Get unstuck, and uncover the hidden potential in your service based company.

It's time for your business to go from unseen to awe-inspiring. Jaw-dropping copy, premium marketing strategies and practical content gets your brand in front of the right eyes aka customers who are actively looking for an expert like you.

Dependable Content Marketing just for You!

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I can guarantee you will get the much-needed help you need through…

• Social Media Management and Branding

  • thrilling content creation and curation
  • practical target market research
  • massive social media growth and conversion
    – community management

• Email/Newsletter Management

• captivating blog articles

• editing, updating, and incorporating SEO keywords

• B2C and B2B content


The Following Industries Flock to Tiffy G Writes

Wellness/beauty and healthcare companies, life coaches, therapists, and fitness trainers. As a Freelance Copywriter I craft compelling copy for any of the above industries..

Intriguing your target audience with fresh content to persuade your leads to buy directly from your website.

Lure customers in with their needs. You just need to figure out what your customer needs from you. After that, they’ll follow and desire your brand.

Which Services Do You Provide as a Freelance Writer?

  • blog articles (SEO keywords included)
  • social media captions/copy
  • press releases
  • ghost written ebooks/ebooks
  • sales copy/web content
  • product and service descriptions

Which Services Do You Provide as a Social Media Manager

  • content creation and branded graphics
  • social media strategy for new leads
  • social media target market research
  • Instagram Management
  • Facebook Management

Are you STRESSED about finding new leads that actually desire your services and products?

Maybe you’re waayy too busy and waayyy too tired to keep up with marketing efforts.

Are you looking for a profitable way to connect with your customers and social media audience?

Maybe your brand just needs more publicity. You have great ideas and darn-good services but if only more people knew about your business…

Your business will need an experienced copywriter to create content targeted towards customers and clients who need your expertise.

I know how to take in your brand voice while optimizing your content to bring in more sales and leads.

Blogging brings more traffic to your site while an experienced social media manager brings you new leads.

Do you need well written, engaging, unique content for your blog or business?

You’ve seen it before. Top brands have mastered Instagram and Facebook marketing. What do they have that you don’t?

An expert! The businesses and agencies that are finding new clients day in and day out have a marketing coordinator, social media manager or freelance writer to bring everything to full swing.

Here’s What My Clients Say

“Tiffany has been an absolute joy to work with! She creates blog posts for my website with little direction from me except for headlines or basic topics, and even with so little info, she has knocked it out of the park, every single time. I’m very happy to continue working with her, and am so thankful to have found her. The content she has created for me has completely transformed my blog.” – Tara Reid, CEO of Introvert-Coach

We hired Tiffany to create blog posts and web content for our website. Her copywriting relates to our target customers and her blog posts have placed us an an authority in the skin care industry. She did such a great job and we have an ongoing relationship. Her hard work ethic and dedication to our brand helped propel us to the next level.” – Shontay Lundy, Founder of Black Girl Sunscreen

Companies That Get Massive Revenue from My Words and Social Media Marketing Strategies

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What are you waiting for? I see you’ve stayed around so why not book a call with me or email me so we can chat about how I can increase your revenue

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I’m happy to dazzle your website, blog, products and more with irresistible words designed with your specific target audience in mind.

Go ahead and take a look at my portfolio/client work here.

Reach out to me…

to find out how I can make your blog, social media sites and website come alive through search engine optimization (SEO), business to business marketing (B2B), and copywriting! I’m ready to help you create super-valuable, customer-centric content to increase revenue for your business.

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tiffy g writes
tiffany garside
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